As the free and editable map of the world, OpenStreetMap is at once a vastly global and very local project. Chances are there are other OpenStreetMap mappers, programmers or data users in your physical or digital vicinity. Here are useful resources on how to get in touch and learn more about OpenStreetMap.

Start mapping

Head over to OpenStreetMap and become a mapper today.

Get In Touch

We'd love to meet you - there are many opportunities to meet other mappers and OpenStreetMap data users to exchange experiences and join forces. Try one of the options below, or just drop us a line at


  • The OpenStreetMap Wiki provides a comprehensive resource for everything OpenStreetMap. For instance, learn how to map particular geographic features in the Map Features section.
  • Learn OpenStreetMap step-by-step with
  • Get help from experienced mappers and programmers on
  • Learn about using OpenStreetMap data and maps on
  • Looking for beefy servers to run your OpenStreetMap community project? Get in touch.

Interesting things to map

If you're look for good places to start mapping, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Go outside, what's new in you city? A café that just opened? A school that changed its name? A new street or building that's not on the map yet? Log on to OpenStreetMap and update the map.
  • Map the neighborhood you grew up in or your last vacation spot.
  • Log on to Map Roulette and start improving OpenStreetMap with a one-minute task at a time.
  • Map for a good cause and pick a task from the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team's OSM Tasking Manager.
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